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Max Ramos, MSA - Financial Coach


I grew up in the suburbs of Massachusetts, where I attended private schools until senior year of high school. I graduated from Northeastern University in Boston with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting in May, 2013.

Since then, I've worked in financial services and accounting for the past 8 years for several financial institutions, including Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase, and Northern Trust.

In 2017, I completed my Master's degree in Forensic Accounting through Southern New Hampshire University. I paid off my student loans and became debt free in March, 2018. 

Throughout the years, I have become obsessed with personal finance, with expertise in budgeting, paying off debt, and investing.

My goal as a financial coach is to help you get out of debt, build wealth, and create a legacy of abundance. 

“Money can't buy you happiness but it does bring you a more pleasant form of misery.” - Spike Mulligan

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