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Cryonics and FIRE - Why You Should Freeze Your Body!

We may not live forever, but we can freeze our bodies to be awoken in the future once technology has advanced enough to revive us and give us a renewed chance at life. Apparently, the cost of this service is only $28,000 from the Cryonics Institute (CI). With a $1,250 down payment, you can secure a lifetime membership. Once you die, your $28,000 will be disbursed to CI, and you will take a long nap as a corpse.

You may be dead for 50 years or a few hundred years before you are awoken from your slumber, like a damn vampire. Now, imagine you have investments during this time in VTSAX (Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund), Real Estate, and Bitcoin. The compounding effect of having money growing over time will be astounding. Fidelity conducted a study, which proved that the best investors were dead people.

You may say, "But Max, I don't want to live forever! I've had enough of this life. I just want it to be over already."

Hogwash! There's going to be some real cool-ass shit in the future! There will be space hotels, people living on Mars, dope ass Matrix-style video games, money may not matter anymore, there could be underwater cities, powerful green energy, and a negative carbon footprint. We could actually fix the Earth someday. All is not lost. Depression and anxiety will be a thing of the past. Cancer and disease won't be a thing anymore.

Peace on Earth may actually occur if we remove the financial incentives for starting wars. Bitcoin may be the beginning of dramatic changes like this in the world. Without governments owning us as little worker-bees, we could have control of our destiny.

Eventually, our consciousness could be uploaded to the internet, with backups on satellites across several planets or moons. We just invented the car, airplane, space ship, dishwasher, and laundry machine in the past 100 years or so. We haven't seen anything that is possible for our future.

All you need to do is save and invest enough money so that you can have $28k when you die. If you have any money left-over, let it keep building wealth. You could wake up from your nap with $1 trillion in your account. What a pleasant surprise that would be! Also, your whole family legacy could be provided for with your investments in a trust.

If you have $1 million invested in VTSAX by the time of your death and it takes 99 years to bring you back to life, you will have roughly $19 billion.

Plan for the long-game. This life may never end, if you so choose! Would you like the Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

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